The Promise Bird 誓鸟在线阅读

The Promise Bird 誓鸟


小说 / 中国当代小说 · 9万字



译者:Jeremy Tiang




第1章 Prologue

The daughter of the Sun God was known as Nü Wa,

a delightful little girl, beloved of all who met her.

While her father was busy at work,

bringing light and heat to mankind,

she ran through the fields of wildflowers

in her favourite pair of red shoes.

One day, she saw the great golden disc

of the sun rise out of the sea,

and became consumed with a desire

to see its origin for herself.

She asked her father to bring her, but he refused,

because the far side of the Eastern Sea

from where the sun rose

was too far away, too hot, too dangerous

for a little girl.

Disobedient for the first time in her life,

Nü Wa decided to make her own way there.

She swam through the Eastern Sea,

but it was further than she thought.

She grew tired.

When a great wave came along,

she did not have the energy to resist it

and was drowned.

Nü Wa's spirit became a bird with red feet,

and red markings on her head

like the wildflowers she had loved in life.

She was known as the Jingwei bird,

for the cry she emitted: "Jingwei, jingwei."

The Jingwei bird hated the ocean

for taking her life, and vowed to fill it.

Lifting pebbles and twigs in her beak,

she ferried them far out to sea

and dropped them into the water.

The Eastern Sea mocked the little bird

for the futility of her actions,

but the Jingwei bird continued.

"As long as I have patience, and do not waver,"

she told the ocean, "There will come a day

when I fulfil my task, and you are no more."

For her steadfastness, Jingwei is also known as

the Promise Bird.